Medici Society

Medici Student Aid and Enrichment Fund

The Medici family dominated culture and business in Florence, Italy from the 13th century through the 16th century. Their patronage of artists, including Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, was responsible for many artworks produced during the Early and High Renaissance and set the mark as a model for private support of the arts.

In the fall of 2004, the Governor's School for the Arts Foundation estabished a Medici Society to honor the financial contributions of family members and friends of students who are participating in Governor's School programs. Recently the Foundation received a very generous gift from ScanSource, Inc. to establish a fund in the Foundation's endowment to support students who need financial assistance to participate fully at the school. This thoughtful gift from ScanSource, Inc. has been combined with past gifts to the Medici Society to create the Medici Student Aid and Enrichment Fund.

As our Governor's School students have unique needs they would not otherwise encounter at a traditional high school, the fundamental purpose of the Medici Student Aid and Enrichment Fund is to make sure a student's financial status is never an impediment to opportunities at the school, so ALL students will be able to participate fully in the Governor's School experience while here. The fund supports disadvantaged students at the school in several great ways, from providing for basic necessities to supporting needs that arise from living away from home to underwriting special learning experiences for the students, such as opportunities to visit museums, galleries and exhibitions or to attend local and national symphonies, operas, plays, ballets and the like. These artistic excursions provide educational experiences that are critical to receiving a comprehensive, top-notch arts education.

Donations to the fund can be made at any level. Your participation is a wonderful way to express support for the school and your student family member. This long-needed fund will generate a critical funding resource for the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities and further open doors to change the lives of our state's most talented emerging artists.