Friends of the Governor's School

The Friends of the Governor's School is a newly created advisory group which includes members who have recently participated on the School and/or Foundation Boards, or who have been long-time supporters of the School. The goal is to maintain involvement with the School. Members receive monthly updates and invitations to student performances so they can serve as ambassadors for the School. They serve strictly as advisors and are the School's "eyes and ears" throughout the State. They meet twice a year on the Governor's School campus and new members are added each year.

Current Friends

Current Members of the Friends of the Governor's School include:

Gene and Champ Covington
Lib and Harold Fleming
Lois and Walt Graver
Gwen and Richard Heusel
Bev and Bob Howard
Bunny and Bob Hughes
Chicken and Hurdle Lea
Guy Lipscomb and Marshall Foster
Angie McCrae
Mary Earle and Les McCraw
Karen and John Wayne Parrish
Jo and Harry Ussery
Lee Watson
Eleanor and Irv Welling